Monday, May 25, 2015

The tutor as learning facilitator

The tutor as learning facilitator

Old model of teaching

The old traditional methods of education often followed the authoritarian model of teaching. This looks something like this:


New model of teaching

The new model of teaching is based on the tutor facilitating the learning process. The tutor does this by helping the student engage directly with the subject on their own terms:

·         A great deal more learning occurs with the new model
·         The process is far more enjoyable for both the student and the tutor
Tutor becomes facilator!!

Adapted from: 25th may 2015

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  1. Dear Sayar,

    Thank you for the valuable updates and clarification.

    Sometimes we just take it for granted on what we know, or rather, think we know.

    Maybe I use some of the illustrations that you gave in your email in my next lecture.

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    Dr. Thaw